Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

– Jim Ryun

– Crystal


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  1. The way you put it living a’Christian’ life seems very restricting, elitist and judgey. I’m not about judging someone for their lifestyle choices, especially when it’s something I used to do in my past which tiptoes a bit into hypocrisy, looking at what they wear,or thinking I’m better then anybody. I’d rather love and accept everyone for who they are. Wearing sexy clothes doesn’t make anyone less of a person, having sex or drinking doesn’t make anyone a bad person. Being an unmarried woman doesn’t make someone less of a person. Not every girl is waiting around for a husband . dating around and having relationships doesn’t make anyone less of a person.The worst people I’ve come across have been people in church. I’ll stick to reading my bible and praying, and continue to stay away from Christians.


    1. Hey Kenya, as someone who has lived a very secular life, I understand what you mean. However, if you’ve read my earlier posts, I have talked about my past. In fact in my book, I dished all the details and wrote about what I have done. I never once judged anyone because we are not perfect and I am far from that. Instead, I lead an example like the bible says to do for younger women. I do not promote a secular lifestyle and I will no longer go back to living for both the enemy and for God. I promote Christ and God’s word, not sin. I would rather tell the truth than to sugar coat anything. A lot of people look at it as having rules, but these are God’s word. Without them we’d walk around like a headless chicken, am I not right? I don’t know if you have any children or siblings, but you have to set boundaries otherwise they will grow up completely lost and confused. It’s not like God is asking us to take someone’s life or anything crazy. His word is very simple. We have to apply what we learn from the bible into our lives otherwise we’d just be hypocrites. Being modest, sober minded, not having sex before marriage, it’s all in the bible. In 1 Corinthians 6:19, it says our bodies are a temple and it does not belong to us. Why would anyone want to destroy something that is meant to be pure? Now does everyone apply everything from the bible into their lives, absolutely not. God forgives once you repent and never come back (1 John 1:9). Also, my older posts talk about being content in your singleness. I agree, not everyone is waiting for a husband. That’s why everything is not written for everyone. I am at a new season in my life, therefore my writing has changed not only for myself but for other women. I was asked by a few women to write about being single and waiting after they have been content. Marriage isnt for everyone, however God places this desire in other people’s hearts. That is completely fine. Go ahead and enjoy that single season! I have plenty of posts that promote having fun in our single season.

      Remember, we don’t go to church for people. We go to church for God. Colossians 3:2 says: “Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.”

      If you want to talk more I would love to do so. Have a blessed day!


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