Quiet Date.

Our problems are like grains of sand compared to God

Whenever I start to feel overwhelmed to the point where I start having mini anxiety attacks, I go back to the One who will always fight for me. I spend lots of time with God; not only praying, but having conversations with Him. Our quiet time is a way for me to shake off everything and cast all of my worries onto Him.

But sometimes, I go to some of my favorite places because of how loud the inside of my head is. Other than a certain park and my backyard, the beach is somewhere I go so that I can clear my thoughts. My quiet times vary. Sometimes they’re like dates with God. Most of the time, I shut off my phone for a whole day so that I won’t be distracted. Other times it would be either a few hours or whenever I experience something tragic, a few days.

Romans 12:2
Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.

I love a good massage while getting a pedicure. Spa days are my favorite while having quiet time!

I started off by getting a spa pedicure. It was all fun and relaxing until the nail tech laid a scorching towel on my legs for a few seconds. I had to tell myself that it was all in my head and G’s don’t cry in public! LOL 😥

Veggie burger with guacamole and chips

When I got to the beach, I went to the Drunken Taco. Little did I know, it was happy hour! I ordered a veggie burger with guacamole and a virgin pina colada to-go. The server came back and told me my drink was paid for by a much… much.. much older man. I told her to tell him I said thank you. It was very nice of him. I pretended I didn’t see him as he came by the bar so that I would notice him. Fail. I told God, “Why are you always sending these grandpapas after me? It’s not funny anymore.” Then, I smiled and laughed.



Once I got my drink, God stopped me. He told me it had alcohol. I smelled it and had a sip because I’m stubborn and that’s when I realized why I was asked for an I.D. Hello, attack number 1. Satan, you failed! The girls next to me asked if it was possible to have alcoholic drinks to-go. Not entertaining that. I just told them I didn’t know. I asked to have my drink switched out. I no longer drink and it’s been almost a year (11 months) since I’ve had a drink. I was not about to ruin my witness while having a date with God and going into quiet time.

I spy A Sense of Hope behind that amazing journal
Winter in South Florida

The weather wasn’t sunny today. It was a bit chilly. You’d think it was later in the evening, but this was early in the afternoon. I don’t like the sun anyway, so it didn’t bother me! I bring the sunshine everywhere I go anyway. See what I did there? *points at website logo* hehehe ;p


I was studying the book of Philipians. Here are some of the stuff I wrote down from my notes:

Whatever happens to us, turns out for our deliverance. We have to have the same attitude as Christ. Even Jesus washed His disciples feet even though He knew they would not only backstab Him, but deny Him three times. (John 13)

We must serve with open hearts. When we serve, we serve onto the Lord. We aren’t better than anyone. Pride crushes the spirit.

Standing here Only because You made a way

Attack number 2. I heard someone walking from behind me. As I turned around, it was a guy. He handed me a flyer to a club. I looked at him as if he was crazy because I was blasting Tasha Cobbs and some Tye Tribett. I didn’t let anyone distractions bother me. I also did not act rudely to others or condemned them. Killing with kindness and letting them know that God is good are my defense.

Attack number 3…. as I was by the water, I saw two younger girls walking towards my bag behind me. Out of all the places to walk, they were walking “casually” by my stuff. So, I “casually” walked back to home base. By the time I got there, they both looked surprised and “casually” headed another direction. Yeah… don’t try it! You can have my leftover lettuce though.

From, "A Sense of Hope: The Truth and Lies Told From the Absence of Love"




Going back to this, I realized I have been writing to “you” long before writing to our future husbands became a “thing.” The Lord has placed it onto my heart to continue praying for him and writing to him. I am always writing reminders that we will never be satisfied with each other, but as long as God is the center of our relationship we will then be complete. I cannot wait for the day I meet the handsome man that leads me, loves me unconditionally like Christ loves the church, pushes me towards God, sticks through the good and bad, and can make me laugh no matter what.

Leaving the beach. I don't come here often, but it was nice to go to one of my favorite places to renew my mind.
Ended my night watching the Heat game with one of my friends from church and her family. We also went for a nice walk with her dog. I enjoy learning more about people. It was a nice way to end my night.

Be gentle, you’re doing the best you can. Allow God to do His work. In Romans 8:28, it says that all things work for our good. Sometimes we have to separate our wants from our needs. What we want half the time aren’t necessarily what we need. God provides us with what we need. I’ve been in situations where God would even allow me to have something so that I see for myself it’s not what I needed. He also gives us sufficient strength to endure our hardships, so do not once doubt your current situation and whether you will get through it. Rest your hearts.

– Crystal


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