Sunshyne Box; A Smile A Day.

I stumbled upon an idea to create a happy box. I decided to create my own Sunshyne box for my loved ones or anyone whenever they need a little encouragement. I also love the motivational mason jar that I created. Whenever you are feeling down or need a little encouragement, simply pull out a scripture or quote. The Sunshyne box is filled with items that simply make us feel appreciated during rough times.



Inside was filled with lotion and body spray from Bath & Body Works, odor neutralizing lavender beads (apparently lavendar helps you relax), motivational mason jar, chocolate, and an Anthony Evans CD (not shown in photos). I also gave her a card and wrote down some amazing stuff about my best friend, then handed it to her after our Best Friend Day celebration. She absolutely loved it! If you create your own, please share! I would love to see your ideas and seeing more smiles on people’s face. Let’s make someone’s day better!



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