I Am Yours

Lord, I want to walk where you’ve walked

I just can’t wait to see You and to be held in Your arms

To feel Your warm embrace
You are the ruler of my heart

You are the light of my world

You are the peace that silence the storm

You are the hope that is found after I have been lost

You hear my cries

You hear my prayers

And despite everything 

You seek after me

I began to love once I saw You within me

Perfectly imperfect, made in Your image

Breathed in life, exhaled shattered pieces of my past
Whispers to fear no more

To hold on just a little longer

For You.. You are always here

And once the world is quiet and I am alone with trembling thoughts 

Father You fight for me

I hand it all to You, freely pouring at Your feet

I rest knowing that I am Yours
Because You are mine

I woke up and God wanted me to pull out my journal and just write down the first thing that was on my heart and share it. Because He’s always here even when we feel alone. This week’s fast is a challenge, especially when I work in a place where hearing complaints is a part of my job. But when I pour at God’s feet and allow Him to handle it… I am able to rest, love, and pray for those who need peace within their hearts.. including mine. 
Rest your hearts and give it all to God.


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