Fun In the Sun

As I have shared before, I am in a season where I just want to take a bit of time out to fast so I can grow closer to the Lord as well as take time out of my busy schedule for those who are in my life. This includes sacrifice as my flesh wants to do its own thing, but I am not having it. Every week or every other week, I get in touch with my adventurous side.

I have lived in South Florida for most of my life, and have never been to the Keys… until a few weeks ago!! I have a love/hate feeling about car rides. I love the conversations had, yet loath the distance. Am I the only one? No? Glad we’re on the same page, whew!

My goodness, the Keys are beautiful and reminds me of New Orleans. I can jet ski back at home any time I’d like as well as any water sports, so my friends and I decided to do sonething out of the ordinary and take a tour of Key West.

We went on an all day tour trolley that took us around several stops. We saw historical sites such as the Hemingway House, ate at a Cuban restaurant, stopped to hear a guy play on steelpans, went to the Southernmost point, and then relaxed on the beach. It was breathtaking!

Here’s a tip for all my vegetarians that are not Cuban that my friend told me three weeks too late…. apparently Cuban bread is made out of lard and the beans are cooked in pig fat! Traumatized! This is why I hardly eat out and would rather cook my own meals. I am playing it safe with a salad next time. Lesson learned. But on a positive note, I would recommend Ana’s Cuban Cafe. They were extremely nice and exceeded great customer service!


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