Heart Check.

​Can I just have a transparency moment? I was flipping through one of my journals and read this at the right time! 

“Just because someone is a man of God,  it doesn’t mean that he is your man of God. This is important for us single women as we desire a Godly man. A lot of us become so upset when we discover the man we had an eye on just isn’t it.”

You create a made up relationship, envision a made up marriage, made up children, and to be honest the problem with this is it’s all made up. Let’s be real, I have been there as well. In fact, I dealt with this conviction recently once again.

If you’re not careful enough, you will end up hurting yourself by relying on your own feelings rather than seeking first the kingdom of God. 

Matthew 6:33

But seek first his kingdom and his riteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. 

She was the rose that grew from concrete. This is a reminder to remain pure as our bodies belong to the Lord as it is not our own.

It’s he who finds a wife, not she who goes out searching like a damsel in distress. Allow God to prepare your future husband and yourself. Don’t miss out on God. 

I can’t say this enough. I say this because I have made these mistakes one too many times. Your single season is so important. When you are being hidden it is purposeful. We can’t afford to miss out on what God is protecting us from and preparing us for. 

A baby with a bow and arrow is comfortably worshipped in this world and we all of a sudden grow depressed because we are “lonely” and need someone to fulfill our lustful desires. Only God can fill our voids. Seek God with all of your hearts, not a portion! 

Stay encouraged. Adjust that crown, daughters of the King! Love you! 


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