Come Home

by Kimberley

She arose that morning and looking around she was confused because nothing seemed familiar to her, “Where am I?” she asked herself, “Why am I not home?”

As she sat up in bed, the pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place. She had departed from home long ago, determined to find her own way in life. She had gotten caught up in the lights and glamour that she had spied through her window, the pretty lights and the grand buildings that she had noticed over on the other side of town. They had teased her senses and had caused her to daydream endlessly about what adventures she would find, if only she was brave enough to step out of the comfort of her home.

No one was able to talk her out of her decision, she had purposed in her heart that she was going to see the city and experience the wonders of life, finally! She had dismissed the warnings of her mother and her friends and the elders in her community and she had ventured out blindly into the world.

Yes, I remember now, she thought to herself as she climbed out of bed. She had left home well over a year now and had been living in the city but the city was nothing like what she had assumed it would be. On her arrival into the great unknown, which was the city, she had been pulled into a whirlwind romance that had excited her. She had believed that this was her prince and had totally forgotten about home.

Everything had been bright, shiny and new and she had jumped on every opportunity and new task with awe, ready to tackle the adventures ahead. Until she realized that something was missing…

Her new found love, no longer made her happy. Partying and hanging out all hours of the night was now taking its toll on her. She could not keep up with the glitz and glamour and shortly after her new friends began to drift away. She was alone, far away from home and she missed her father and her family dearly.

Sighing, she made her way towards the kitchen, where she spotted her travel bags packed and ready to go. She had decided the night before that it was time for her to go back home, there was nothing here for her.

This was a truth she had known for months, but had been too stubborn to admit. She didn’t belong in the city; she was a small town girl. In the city she was a stranger and there was no joy or peace that could be found there for her.

Back home she was welcomed and seen as royalty. Her father loved her with an everlasting love and he really did miss her. Once in the kitchen she set about making herself a cup of coffee, her father had been calling her nonstop from the moment she left and she had selfishly ignored his calls. He had held out hope that she would return and at no point had he waivered in his resolve.

Settling down at the kitchen table, she reached for her cell phone, which she had carelessly thrown down the night before, and quickly dialed out his number. With the phone at her ears she anxiously waited for him to answer, she could scarcely control the wild beating of her heart while her palms sweated profusely.

She didn’t have long to wait as he picked up on the first ring, “Hello…,” she heard as his voice traveled across time and space. Now almost panicking, she didn’t know what to say or how to respond. Deciding that maybe it was best to just hang up, she began to move the phone from her ear when she heard, “my child is that you?”

“Yes father, it’s me,” she responded without thinking, “I just wanted to say hi,” she breathed out, releasing some of the nervousness.

“My sweet girl, I’ve longed to hear from you, how are you doing?” he asked, his voice soothed her worries and her cares. This was her father and he still cared about her.

“I’m okay, I’ve really missed you and I miss home,” she whispered, scared of what his response might be.

“Then come home,” he answered, those three words alone stripped away her composure and she couldn’t stop the tears from flowing from her eyes. Her tears came from a place of deep hurt and pain, a place she thought she had locked away forever. She had left home, turned her back on her family and had ignored her father but that did not matter to him! He wanted her to come home, to let go of the life she was no living, to let go of all the mistakes she had made and to just come home.

“Are you sure daddy?” she asked, “I’m not the same girl I use to be, I’ve changed, I’ve seen so much and have experienced so many things.”

“I don’t care, you’re still my child and I still love you. Nothing can make me love you any less, nothing you do or say can separate you from my love.”

“Come home my sweet girl, let me restore you.”

“Look out for me daddy, I’ll be there soon,” she said excitedly, not waiting for his response she ended the call with a huge smile on her face.

Rising from the table, she quickly showered and got dressed. Once ready she collected her luggage and marched out of the house she had been renting for the past couple of months, without a backward glance.

She was heading home and that was all that mattered!



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