Creative Wednesday: She Decided

Source: “Wrapped in Joy” by Joy Salaam Muhammed

By Amber Nkhereanye

Little Black Girl Lost

But you’re 30 years old

Didn’t heed what your Ma’dear said

Now your daughter’s following your soles

A hard head makes a soft behind, but not yours

Too busy chasing after men to realize you’re raising modern day whores

Don’t know who her daddy is

but you can’t be bothered

It’s no big deal

You grew up unfathered

Generational curses can be reversed through His verses

But, you never took the time to read His love letter

And, things don’t get any better

Going from this man to that man

Losing a piece of you every time

And your daughter learns her boundaries from watching you draw the line

Or lack thereof

Cuz she’s steady looking for love

In too many faces in all the wrong places

And His grace is sufficient, but you’re still losin this race, sis

Until you lay it all at His feet

Until you weep like John 11:33

See, we don’t need a “come to Jesus moment”

We need a “come to Jesus life”

The 40th love letter says “Come all who are heavy laden..” ; You can be vulnerable with Christ

Your broken dirty pieces now have a place to go

Who better to lie down with, than the lover of your soul

The mercy is fresh

The time is now

The curse can end with you

Repentance is how

You don’t have to stay broken

You don’t have to stay unfulfilled

Find your worth in His verses

Build relationship with Him

Turn away from what came before

Declare that the curse ends here


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