Maintaining My Spirituality

Do you remember that moment when you were first filled?

LOL, using the word ‘filled’ doesn’t really fully express what truly takes place. OMG, experiencing the Power of the Holy Spirit is something else. It’s all encompassing, it’s overwhelming, it takes you to a whole other level!

Whew! Parts of your body that you had no idea could tremble, suddenly begins to vibrate as if the nerve endings have come into contact with an electricity surge. Your chest and stomach begins to tighten and compress! It’s just amazing and then you become so caught up in the glory of the Lord that all you can do is shout out repeatedly “You’re Worthy Lord,” and when words begin to fail, you just begin to bawl your eyes out.

This is what, as a Christian, you long for. You want to feel His presence constantly, you want to be filled daily! It is no longer acceptable for you to go back to the way it was before your great ‘Pentecostal Moment.’ Uhuh, it’s no longer business as usual, you just gotta have that earth shattering experience.

But how do we ensure that we are always able to bask in the glory of God?

My church just recently concluded a Spiritual Emphasis Week entitled ‘Maintaining My Revival’, and it was mind boggling! The Lord showed up and showed out, He was all up in there shining down on us and raining down His glory.

What I wanted to really highlight though was that the theme was geared towards us as individuals. It wasn’t about maintaining the revival of the group, as maintaining our spiritual walk is a personal matter that we have to work on ourselves. Our pastors can’t help us, our parents can’t help us and best believe that unless we put ourselves at a place where God can meet us, we will never be able to maintain our spiritual lives.

So for me maintaining my spiritual life is about connecting with God daily, I might not always hit the nail on the head and I may slip up some days. But God knows our hearts, He can tell when you’re being honest and true and that makes all the difference.

First things first, God calls us to have a relationship with Him and the only way to do that is to communicate with God. We need to be praying to God daily; Daniel prayed 3 times a day and He was known as a righteous man [Daniel 6: 10]. Maybe we should start emulating Daniel, be open and honest to God and talk to Him as often as possible. No friendship or relationship can survive without communication.

Next it is important that we understand who God is. It is positively foolish to serve someone we have no knowledge of, and even more foolish to be in a relationship with a complete stranger. We come to the understanding of who God is through the reading of His word [Romans 10: 17]. The Bible gives great insight into our great Lord, it is where we first begin to encounter the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. There is no other book that can open our minds and heart to the splendor and wonder of God and it’s also a best seller šŸ˜Š.

Daily communication and constant reading of His word will surely help us to maintain our spiritual life and goes a far way in fostering spiritual growth. That should be each of our hearts desire to grow spiritually in Him, to become more and more like Jesus every day.

A life that is led by the spirit is one that is fruitful and complete. Do your part and watch God do the rest.

– Kimberley


3 thoughts on “Maintaining My Spirituality

  1. Daniel was one of my favorites to read as it helped me understand fasting and truly getting before God. It’s not an option. In a relationship, you want to communicate with the one you love and spend time with him. Such an encouraging post!

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    1. Yes that’s so true! There is a power that comes with prayer and fasting and until you understand that and really give yourself fully to prayer and fasting you won’t be able to unlock it.


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