Lookbook Tuesday: Skin Care

by Crystal

I’m seeing this trend where more and more women are becoming confident in their beauty. It’s such an amazing thing to see so much confidence! I myself have stopped wearing so much makeup and hardly ever wear it now, unless I have an event. No, it’s not because I am trying to follow this trend as I have done this long before it was one. It’s not for a hashtag, but being able to love and care for the temple that God has given me. Not having to be late and worrying about dabbing on layers of makeup just to leave the house. I am comfortable with having my skin bare and being able to feel free.

Just the other day, one of my friends told me that my skin was glowing. I always have to switch up my skin regime, but I finally found what works for me. So, I am sharing some of my beauty favorites that have always had my skin feeling radiant and glowing over the years.

I believe in the saying, “You are what you eat.”

Disclaimer: What works for me, just might not work for you. I have combination skin and I am oily on my t-zone. Hashimotos also causes a few skin problems at times. I can go from extremely dry skin to oily depending on the season. So, again these are a few of my skin care favorites that may or may not help you.

Tip: Before we begin, I believe in the saying,”You are what you eat.” Caring for your body is important. Greasy skin and excessive oils on the skin is a result of greasy foods and too much oils. We already produce natural oils. Your body mirrors what you eat as it is getting rid of the excess oils.

I suggest the key is to get more sleep, relax more (stress triggers acne), exercise, keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water, refrain from junk food & sodas, drink & eat your vitamins, and keep a healthy diet. Drinking water before bed gives me a glow when I wake up.

I recently found out coffee also causes breakouts, so I reduced the amount of coffee I drink (and amount of sugar/whip cream I put in it). Rubbing ice on your face daily or on acne helps rid inflammation. It tightens the face and leaves it feeling refreshed (thanks for the tip, Genay!) That explains why my skin would look amazing after having to put ice on it from a tooth extraction. I would also have steamy showers as steam releases toxins, opens up your pores, and enhances circulation.

I added rose water to my skin routine. I found out there’s also a coconut water spray for my oily sisters! I have been missing out! It keeps my skin hydrated and glowing. Rose water is an anti-inflammatory. It heals scars, smooths the skin, reduces redness of irritated skin, rids acne, hydrated and revitalizes. You can also use it as a toner and a cleanser as it removes the dirt and oil from clogged pores. I also use this as a make-up setting spray. For makeup remover, I decided to try this out. It doesn’t work as well as other products, but it gets the job done. I just need something that will remove my makeup without leaving my face oily. I used to remove my makeup with coconut oil, which helps… except as someone who can go from 0 to oily real quick, that’s not an option. If you have oily skin, do not remove makeup with oil.

Everything charcoal!! If you’ve watched any charcoal mask tutorials lately, you know charcoal removes dirt from your skin. I’ve tried the mask and pore remover a few times and have stuck with the mask I’ve used for years instead(Will show you in a bit). I have sensitive skin and have a zero pain tolerance for my face. So, I use this facial scrub whenever I need to remove excess dirt. On a regular, I will use a cleanser that does not have any beads in it and this spin brush. I found that the settings on the spin brush are too harsh for me, so I scrub manually.

Garnier also have a pomegranate scrub that I also use for combination skin. When I broke out, I would use the scrub either every night or every other night. Now I can get away with using it at least 4 times a week. Be gentle with your skin as it will worsen from irritation.After cleaning my face, I pat dry with a paper towel. Wiping with a towel causes breakouts as the dirt transfers back onto your face. Wiping with a paper towel will prevent that.

This is the only face mask that works for me. I have used this for years and it never fails! I love The Body Shop. Their Tea Tree line are one of my favorites! I would apply this onto my face and leave it on for up to 15 minutes, then rinse it. Because tee tree dries out the skin, overusing will produce excess oils in which causes more acne. It is recommended to use this only twice a week. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed! Their Tea Tree Toner helped me to get rid of my acne. It never fails and I highly recommend it. I ran out and no longer need to use it, so I don’t have a picture of it. But if you shop at The Body Shop, there are always great deals for skin care.

Coconut water!! I am obsessed! Coconut water supports thyroid function and is amazing for your skin! You just know God anointed coconuts to rid your daily trails and tribulations! If you want to do a detox, coconut water is also a laxative (Don’t drink it daily if you don’t want to be one with your toilet.) Coconut water is rich in nutrients and keeps me hydrated. Growing up, my family and I would take coconut from our tree to drink from them. I use coconut in everything! Drink this and watch the glow up.

Before & after side by side comparison 

(Not the best picture to use for my before as I was very insecure after I broke out last year that I rarely took pictures)


To the left: Back in October, I broke out horribly. It was right after I cleared up my skin. Honestly, I was disappointed and had to start all over. I didn’t want to go anywhere and became insecure. I stopped taking photos and hid inside of my home. Applying makeup didn’t help, it made the breakouts appear even more. This is how my face looked with makeup on. To most, it wasn’t bad.. but it was worse without makeup. I wouldn’t allow anyone to see me. They wouldn’t go away. I was stressing so much, hardly slept because of stress and I work the graveyard shift. My old regime wasn’t working either! Adult acne is the worst! I had tiny stress bumps EVERYWHERE along with the planet of the pimples. I cannot exaggerate and I wish I had a better picture and wish I didn’t use a filter (side smirk). I didn’t look at my face cause or else I grew even more insecure. Finally, here at this moment I had enough with feeling low. It wasn’t cute. I had to remind myself that my skin is not who I am and it doesn’t determine my beauty. “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”

To the right: The glow-up is real! This was my first time doing a photoshoot last month without any makeup on, except lipstick. I had no products in my hair except for oil that morning. I felt weird at first, but I felt extremely confident. I make sure I rest more, definitely give all my worries and cares to God, I eat better (There is a such thing as an unhealthy vegetarian), and I am in a season in my life where I am even more content with everything. Your face also mirrors your life and I thank God I no longer look like what I went through. I fasted throughout 2106 and something that He just placed just now on my heart is when Jesus taught about fasting:

Matthew 6:-16-18

When you fast, do not look somber as the hypocrites do, for they disfigure their faces to show others they are fasting. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. But when you fast, put oil on your head and wash your face, so that it will not be obvious to others that you are fasting, but only to your Father, who is unseen; and your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

This is a completely different topic, and I don’t mean to preach.. but I see many people announce their fasts for attention when this is something to go before God in secrecy. In a relationship, you don’t talk about your secrets to others, so I believe in a relationship with God you don’t announce what do in secret. Although I fasted all year in 2016, I never told anyone or announced it. I secretly deactivated all social media for months, I fasted from foods and people who were also a distraction, and no one knew. Desire to spend more time with God and work on your relationship with Him. I promise, you will begin to change spiritually, physically, and mentally. I am glowing because like I said before, I am at a place in my life where I am just content. All those fasts brought me to another level in our relationship. Not saying I’m not being attacked, in fact the attacks increased. But I’m going to leave it as that for another time. Taking care of yourself is important.

– Crystal ❤


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