Whose report will you believe?


I was challenged early last week with a medical report from my Chiropractor. I’m not sure if you’ve ever gotten bad news from any medical professional but its a terrifying feeling, you feel as if you’re instantly sinking and although you’re not on your death bed or laid up in a hospital, there is an instant feeling as if you already should be and it really takes you over like a thick blanket of pure darkness.

I left the office feeling very disappointed, I felt like the little hope for healing probably wouldn’t be enough to heal me and I accepted the report of the doctor, I then blamed people and things from my past for doing this to me. I simply fell into a tiny abyss of depression and sadness and I didn’t want to escape it because I was more afraid of hoping for the best and getting disappointed than simply accepting the “fate” that my doctor declared over my life.

   As much as I was upset and disappointed, I did not forget my God.

I opened up to God about how I was feeling, I told Him how upset I was that He allowed this to happen to me, I told Him how upset I was that it’s now a permanent situation and there’s nothing that can be done about it, I sat and cried out to God.

God knew that I was upset and He understood every word that came from my mouth, He was also fully aware of what was not said and I silently became aware of this as I felt His presence fall heavily upon me. (God has a way of ensuring that you know He’s there, especially when you’re in pain and you open up to Him, He just has a way of ensuring that we never feel alone when we are honest with Him).

In that moment, God could have reminded me of every sin that I’ve committed and how I completely deserve what has happened to my mortal body. He could have told me that I don’t read my bible or pray enough, He could have said that He doesn’t have time for my complaining because He has other saints to heal or deal with, but He didn’t.

Rather than criticizing me, ridiculing me or blaming me God gave me gentle reminder.

“By His stripes we are healed”

Instantly, tears began to flow down my face because I believed the report of a mortal man over the word of my God that cannot return unto Him void. I declared this over my life, that by His stripes I am healed and I am now awaiting my healing. I made this declaration and rebuked every spirit of doubt and fear that would have tried to creep up in my mind so my healing shall come, because Jesus beaten and received those stripes not for me to believe the report of a doctor, but to stand on His word and His promises. He bore the pain, so that I don’t have, I choose to show my appreciation by simply believing.

-Raquel Facey


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