Living in the Awareness of God’s Presence


Driving the other day, driving the same road that I usually take every morning, that just so happens to have a school zone. So before I approached the flashing school zone sign I noticed that today the cars were going extra slow even below the school zone speed limit and then as I got further ahead I became aware of the cops that were ahead clocking people. 

Then I began to wonder how we Christians, including myself, would act if we consistently live in the awareness of God’s presence? I know we sing “Let me become more aware of Your presence…”  in church but do we really mean it?? If you were aware that God is with you every second, every minute/hour of the day how would you really act? Would you continue lying, having sex with that person(s), going clubbing every weekend and then going to church Sunday morning to get your spiritual high and then go back to living the same way you did before you came to church? 

I don’t know about you but I’m tired of only giving God my time on Sundays and living the way I feel all the rest of the week. I’m tired of going through the motions and getting that spiritual “high” only when I at church. I want to be so aware of God’s presence that I can feel Him with me daily when He touches me and whispers in my ear to do something. I want to be so aware of His presence that I began to have His heart and allow the things that break His heart to also break mine. I want to be so in tune with God that my thoughts become like His and I begin to mirror His image. Meaning I began to look, act, think and speak just like Him. It’s not enough to just know that God is present in your life on Sunday(s) and ignore Him all the other days of the week.

Can you imagine if we only were aware of police officers when they’re in a school zone area?  That would be crazy because we would all continue to get tickets all because we only looked out for them and were aware of them in that designated area and not being aware that they are all over, in different areas/roads. Well the same goes for God, we tend to only become aware of God’s presence in the church; We unconsciously limit God’s presence to one designated area in our lives and that is in the midst of the four walls in our church buildings. 

Some of us even go as far as trying to hide from God’s presence as if He can’t already see where we are. I like what Jeremiah 23:24 says,Can a man hide himself in hiding places So I do not see him?” declares the LORD “Do I not fill the heavens and the earth?” declares the LORD.”  How silly we must look to God when we try to hide from Him when we know we are in sin or entertaining sin. We think that just because we hide our limited view from God that He won’t be able to see us either. Below is a visual of how we look trying to hide from God…


Doesn’t that look ridiculous?? You might be saying ” That’s not how I look, how could I possibly breathe with my head in the ground like that?”. My answer to you is EXACTLY… How could you physically and spiritually breathe when you are buried in your sin? Maybe you aren’t buried in that way or you’re not even buried at all yet, you just have a little sin here and there but not enough to stop you from going to church, but it’s hindering your prayer life.  In Psalm 139:7-8 it says “Where can I go from Your Spirit? Or where can I flee from Your presence? If I ascend into heaven, You are there; if I make my bed in hell, behold, You are there.” You see there is no place on this earth, in heaven or in hell where you can hide from God’s presence. He is with you wherever you go, in sin or out of sin because He loves you that much! 

It’s time that we Christians not only sing about becoming aware of God’s presence but actually acknowledging His presence. When you encounter the presence of God you will never be the same; that doesn’t mean that you will never be tempted to go back to your old self. It means you won’t want to do anything that will cause you to hide from God’s presence, you will act, dress, speak, pray like God is physically right in front of you. Like the song `Holy Spirit` says ” Let us become more aware of Your presence, let us experience the glory of Your goodness..”  Invite God into your place, welcome Him into your hearts and allow Him to shower you with His love and goodness.

I pray that God will open up your spiritual eyes so that we are aware of His presence when He walks daily in this world. That we don’t become so desensitized by this world that we forget to acknowledge when He is with us. I pray that we will have the courage to stand up for what we believe and be like the tree that is planted by living waters; Producing its fruit in due season because we didn’t give in to the peer pressure as we stood our ground in faith. I pray that our hearts are softened and our ears are attentive to what God is telling us to do, so that we won’t have to question if it’s God because we are so in tune with His Spirit that we trust it. I pray that this generation stands up to be what God called us to be “A chosen generation, a royal priesthood, and a holy nation!” Let us not be like the Israelites and forget where God has taken us out of and where He is taking us. In Jesus’ name, AMEN!
I love you all and I’m praying for you!

God bless,

– Joy J.  🙂


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